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How do I add a Score? --
  • How do I delete a score?

       *  Click on Scores button on the toolbar                                                                This will display a page with all scores

       *  Click on Delete link next to the score you want to delete.  

    2017-04-14 20:44:26

  • The tees I played are not in the system.

         *  Follow the link to Add a new set of tees 

         *  Enter data for the tees you played  

                NOTE:  This information will then be available for other PEG CHARTS                          members who play these tees at this course

    2017-03-26 22:47:30

  • What is the course walk feature?

    This is a link that allows a user who is looking at the details of a round to click on a score and see a picture of the hole to remind them how they shot 8 on a par 4! It also allows a user to walk a course hole by hole and preview / review a course from the comfort of your home.

    Try it from one of your score details by clicking on the actual digit of any score or Click here for an example

    2017-03-26 22:48:55

  • Is a PEG CHARTS Handicap official?

    1. NO.  An official handicap is issued only by the USGA (United States Golf Association) and is compatable only with a traditional length 18 hole golf course.  In order to obtain an official handicap you must become a member of the USGA or join an officially sanctioned USGA golf club.
    2. A PEG CHARTS Handicap is for recreational use only.  It will provide a bench mark for you to measure your skill level on an executive golf course to the skill level of your apponent on an executive golf course.  
    3. PEG CHARTS is not affiliated with the USGA in any way.                                                                                                                                                    

    2017-03-26 22:50:30

  • What is a PEG CHARTS Course Rating Factor?

    The PEG CHARTS Course Rating Factor a measure that represents the relative playing difficulty of an executive golf course.  The index ranges from 2.00 to 8.99

    2017-03-26 22:51:17

  • Can I add data for the other members in my group?

    Yes. Any group member can add data for an other group memeber.  Create a group that includes PEG CHARTS members you regularly play with. This will make it quicker to add data for them, monitor their handicap, print match scorecards and view hole by hole graphs before you play together.

    2016-12-13 21:40:45

  • The hole yardages are incorrect for a course.

    When you find an error email the correction to admin@pegcharts.com.

    2017-03-26 22:53:20

  • I made a mistake in entering a new course name and information, how do I correct the wrong information?

    There is no way to change course information once the entry has been saved.  You must begin fresh and enter the correct information.

         NOTE:  Send an email to admin@pegcharts.com and we will delete 

                     incorrect course information from the data base.  

    2017-03-28 16:53:56

  • Can I track fairways hit, GIR (Greens in Regulation) and putts?

    Yes! Click on personal info and check the boxes for the features you want to track. From then on every time you enter a score you will be prompted to enter the information you selected. Those additional statistics will also be displayed on your profile page.

    2017-03-26 22:54:07

  • How do I convert my PEG CHARTS Handicap into the number of strokes I should get on a given executive golf course?

    Your PEG CHARTS Handicap is a relative index.  Members who play on different executive golf courses can compare on equal ground. Depending on the executive golf course / tees you play the number of strokes you get will vary.

    To calculate your PEG CHARTS Course Handicap

              Multiply your PEG CHARTS Handicap by the PEG CHCRTS

                 Parity Factor.

              NOTE: If you print a Match score card before you play it will                                 calculate your PEG CHARTS Course Handicap for you and                         your playing partners and indicate which holes strokes should                       be given.

              NOTE: The Match scorecard feature can be found under the                                 courses list.  Click on Enter score and then select Match                            scorecard.

    2017-03-28 16:58:45

  • I used the "Quick Score" feature and now I would like to add my hole by hole score. How can I do this?


        1.  Click on the Scores link on the top toolbar.

        2.  Click on the pencil icon.

        3.  Edit your score and enter hole by hole details.

    2017-03-28 17:00:20

  • Is there a maximum score you are allowed to post on a hole based on your PEG CHARTS Handicap?

    Yes.   PEG CHARTS set a maximum number of strokes on any one hole and the number is based on your PEG CHARTS Course Handicap.  There are two main reasons for this maximum.  First, to avoid scewing a PEG CHARTS Handicap as a result of having one or two really bad holes.  Second, to speed up play it is considered good golf etiquette to be aware of your own slow play and pick up your ball after your third stroke over par.  Be sensitive to the players behind you.

    The USGA uses a method called Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) to adjust for a unusually high score on any one hole.  They define ESC as the downward adjustment of an individual hole score for handicap purposes in order to make handicaps more representative of a player's potential scoring ability. 

    NOTE: PEG CHARTS will automatically make this adjustment when hole by hole scores are entered.  If you use Quick add and enter only a total score for the round you must make ESC adjustments mannually before a score is entered.

    PEG CHARTS Course HandicapMaximum Strokes On Any One Hole 
      4.00 or lessPar + 1 
      5.00 - 8.00Par + 2 
      9.00 or more Par + 3 


    2017-03-28 17:04:40

  • Will I ever be able to track sand saves and penalty strokes?

    Yes.  We are working on adding this feature to the data base.

    2016-12-01 18:02:17

  • If I have created a group --- can other members of the group edit the data?

    No.  Only the administrator of the group can edit the data

         *  Do this from the Find user screen.

         *  Enter a PEG CHARTS members name and perform a user search.

         * The Results screen has checkboxes on the left for add to group.

         *  Check the boxes of the members you want to add to your group

         * Select the group you want to add members to

         *  Press the Add to group button

    NOTE:  New group members will see other group memebers scores on their profile page. They will also see the group when they click on the groups link on the bottom toolbar.  New members to the group must post a score in the system to be shown on the list.

    2016-12-13 22:01:24

  • How can I remove a player from a group?

              NOTE:  Only the administrator of the group can remove a player.


      *  Click on the Groups button on the bottom toolbar.

      *  Click on the Group name on the left hand column.  

      *  Check the box of the member you want to delete

              NOTE:  You may have to scroll to the right to see the box

      *  Click the Delete button at the top of the column. 


    2017-03-28 17:06:24

  • I made a mistake on the date played. How can I change the date.

    There is no way to change a date played entry.  You will have to delete the card with the incorrect play date and enter the card again with the correct play date.

             NOTE:  You can delete a score by clicking on the scores button    

                         on the bottom toolbar, and then click delete on the card

                         you want to remove.

    2017-03-28 17:09:11

  • Where do I find my current PEG CHARTS Handicap in your service?

    On your home page.  Your PEG CHARTS Handicap is listed at the top of the left hand column.

    2017-03-28 21:00:10

  • I entered my own scores originally, now I wish to create a group; when I attempt to do this, the system sends me to the "find a user" section.

    Use the Find user screen to perform a query of all the registered users. The Search results screen has a box to check next to the member you want to add to your group. Check the box next to the member you want to add and click the Add to group button. Repeat until all new members have been added.

    If you have more than one group that you are the administrator you will have a drop down to allow yourself to select the group you want to add new members.

    NOTE: Each member must have their own login.  You can use the log off button on the bottom tool bar to log out if you want to create a PEG CHARTS account for a new member. Once everyone has an account any group member can add scores for the other memebers (there will be a drop down).

    2017-02-18 18:18:36

  • How do I print a scorecard for my group?

    Printing a scorecard that identifies the holes where strokes are awarded is a unique features of this site.  The number of strokes a player receives depends on the course and tees being played.

    1. Click on the Courses link on the bottom toolbar.
    2. Type in part of the course name in the search box, search by state or use the link on the top left to show courses you've played before.
    3. Click on Enter Score to get a listing of the tees.
    4. Click the Match Scorecard link next to the tees you will be playing. This will bring up a list of all the members who are in your group.
    5. Check the box next to the members who will play and click the print scorecard button.

    2017-02-18 18:20:21

  • How do I add users for my group? Some of our players do not have internet access?

    In order to add a player to a group they must be a PEG CHARTS member. Log off the web site using the logoff link on the bottom toolbar and then click on the home page. This will bring up the logon screen where you can follow the link to create a new user. If they don't have an email address you can use your email address.

             NOTE:  After the group is created anyone in the group can add scores                          for other group memebers.

    2017-02-18 18:22:56

  • My husband and I share the same computer. He is already a PEG CHARTS member. How can I join?

    Log off the website at the right of the bottom toolbar. Then log in to join PEG CHARTS. If you create a group and make both of you members you won't need to log out and back in with a different name because any group member can add scores for other group members and view group member profiles by clicking on their name.

    2017-02-18 18:25:46

  • Can I change my password?


         *  Click the Edit Profile link on the left toolbar after you are logged in. 

    2016-12-03 20:12:08

  • What are "Fairways Hit" and "Greens In Regulation"??

    Fairways hit is the number of fairways a player has reached with his tee shot. If you want to track this statistic edit your profile using the Personal Info link on the bottom of the tool bar and check the box for Fairways Hit then click Update account.

    Greens In Regulation: When a player reaches a green in 2 strokes less than par (or more shots less than par) it is called a Green In Regulation (or a GIR).  If you want to track this statistic edit your profile using the Personal Info link on the bottom toolbar and check the box for Greens in Regulation then click Update account.

    2017-03-28 21:09:12

  • Is there a way to enter just my final score and bypass entering a score on each individual hole?

    Yes.  You can enter just the total score with Quick add. By using this method your specific statistics of the round will not be included in your statistic report. 

    2017-03-28 21:09:42

  • I want to add scores for two courses I played in Costa Rica but can't find either one on this site.

    You must add each course to the data base.

         * Before you add a course try several different searches

         * First do a search by name

                * Click on Courses link on the bottom toolbar

                * Type part of the name in the search box and press return

         * Second, try a search by country and by city

    If the course you are looking for is not found follow the Add new course link at the bottom of that page. 

    2017-02-18 18:28:36

  • Can I print a handicap card?


         *  Click the Print PEG CHARTS Handicap Card on the left toolbar when you are logged in. It contains your PEG CHARTS Handicap and the scores that were used in the calculation.

          NOTE:  You can also print your Profile page and the Anatomy of

                      your Handicap page to show the details of how your PEG

                      CHARTS Handicap is calculated.

    2017-03-28 21:11:26

  • How many years back you should go to keep an accurate handicap?

    Only the best 6 of your last 10 scores in your PEG CHARTS Handicap calculation.

              NOTE: The web site will etain year by year stats such as putts per

                         round, greens in regulation and fairways hit.  This information

                         is be very useful when you analyse progress. 

              * More information about how the handicps are calculated Click here

    2017-03-28 21:20:09

  • The service shows incorrect scores on several holes. How do I make corrections?

    Click on the Scores link at the bottom of the page

    Click the Edit link next to the score you want to edit

                 NOTE:  You can only edit your own scores. Other members will

                             have to log in and make their own correction. 

    2017-03-28 21:21:07

  • The service shows that the number of rounds included in my handicap is one. Does that mean that my handicap is based on only one round?

    A link called "Explanation of your PEG CHARTS Handicap" explains how many rounds count towards your PEG CHARTS Handicap. It is accessible from the Anatomy of your handicap link on your Profile page.

    2016-12-06 21:44:10

  • How do I change a members profile to include putts, greens in regulation and fairways hit?

    Each member must adjust their own level of detail to track. A member can access their individual data in Personal Info.  Once putts, greens in regulation and fairways hit have been choosen that information should be entered along with hole scores for each round. 

    Once scores have been entered with detail information, a summary will be available on the user's profile page (on the right hand column above the graphs).

    2017-03-28 21:22:13

  • If I am entering scores for more than one member how do delete another members score if it is erroneous. I can only find a way to delete my own scores.

    You have to be logged in as that member to delete their scores. This is for security reasons --- it prevents strangers from deleteing your scores.

    2017-03-29 20:59:35

  • Does your software adjust for Equitable Stroke Control or is it up to me to make that adjustment?

    YES.  The service will adjust for Equitable Stroke Control when calculating your PEG CHARTS Handicap.  You enter you actual score on each hole. The score will be saved as is, but the PEG CHARTS Handicap for that round will be adjusted for Equitable Stroke Control when needed.

          NOTE:  A summary of any adjustmentwill be displayed after you save

                      the record.  It will show on the Score details screen.

    2017-03-29 21:02:51

  • How can I see the Champion history for my group?

    Click on the groups link on the bottom toolbar. Then select a group from the list on the left -- the initial screen on the right pane shows everyone in any group to which you belong, not a specific group.

    When a specific group has been selected there is a link to show the champion history on the top.

    NOTE:  You can create your own guidelines for a group Champion.  

    2016-12-05 21:19:46

  • Can I remove myself from a group?

    YES. Click on the Personal Info link on the bottom toolbar. On the bottom of that page is a list of groups which you are a member.  Click the remove link to remove yourself from a group.

    WARNING: There is no undo for this action --- when you remove yourself from a group, only the group administrator can add you back to the group.

    2017-03-29 21:06:22

  • How do you determine the number of strokes to be subtracted from the gross score of a particular round to calculate the net score?

    The number of strokes to be subtracted from a gross score to calculate a net score is known as your PEG CHARTS Course Handicap and is calculated as follows: 

                        PEG CHARTS Handicap                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ______________________________________________                                     X

                     PEG CHARTS Parity Factor


                   PEG CHARTS Course Handicap

    NOTE:  The PEG CHARTS Parity Factor is based on the PEG CHARTS Course Rating for the course and tees that you play. The Match Scorecard feature performs this calculation for a given set of tees for all PEG CHARTS members you are playing with.  It also shows which holes strokes are to be awarded based on hole handicaps. You can find the Match Scorecard link next to the course names under the course search sections.

    2017-04-01 17:36:50

  • How do I add a set of tees that are not listed?

    *  Clicking on the Courses link on the bottom toolbar

    *  Enter the course name in the search box and press enter

    *  Click the Enter Score link next to the course name

           NOTE:  This will bring up a list of tees that are in the system. If the 

                       tees you played are not listed click on the Add details for a

                       different set of tees link at the bottom of that page . This will

                       display the form for adding a set of tees.

                            *  Enter the yardage for each hole and handicap

                                for each hole and press save

          NOTE:  If you see incorrect information for a set of tees email the

                      correct information to admin@pegcharts.com and we can    

                      make the corrections. 

    2017-04-01 17:41:50

  • Can I have the notification email sent to two different email addresses? Home and Work?

    Yes. Just go to the Personal Info link on the bottom toolbar and edit your email address. Enter both addresses separated with a comma.

    Example: mrgolf@gmail.com, parsaver@aol.com

    Be sure to click the Update button to save your changes.

    2016-12-05 22:31:00

  • I entered incorrect information for a course. How do I fix that?

    Only the administrator can edit information.

    Please report any errors to the administrator of the site using the Feedback link on the bottom toolbar.

    Be sure to inlucde such information as the course name, city, state and clearly report what information needs to be corrected.

    2017-04-01 17:42:27

  • When recording putts, which putts do you count?

    Technically, a putt is considered to be any stroke taken when a ball is on the green.  

         NOTE:  Sometimes a shot close to a green is best made with a putter. 

                    The shot is not counted as a putt unless the ball is on the green

                    when the ball is struck.


    2017-04-01 21:42:28

  • I have set up a group for a circle of friends. Am I the only one who can add new members to this group?

    Yes.  Only the group administrator can edit group data.

    2016-12-05 22:34:38

  • I printed a score card for my group, but I don't understand the markings (lines) how do you read it, what do they mean?

    The markings on the card is a standard way of identifying which holes a person is getting a stroke.

    It reminds you to take the stroke by writing the gross score above the slash and the net score below the slash.

    The Match scorecard calculates the course handicap for all players based on the PEG CHARTS Course Rating the tees being played. It makes the lowest handicap person the basis for calculating strokes. The number of strokes you get will be the difference between your PEG CHARTS Course Handicap and the lowest PEG CHARTS Course Handicap playing in your group.

    Strokes are given on the hardest holes so if you give me 3 strokes then I would get a stroke on each of the 3 hardest holes as identified by the PEG CHARTS Course Handicap Rating on the scorecard.

    You can find the match scorecard link on the course listings after selecting by state or doing a search.

    2016-12-04 19:24:21

  • The course I played is not listed in the search results? How do I record a score for the round played?

    You need to add the course to the data base. Be sure your course is not already in the system.  It might already exist with a slightly different spelling of the course name. The best way to check is to click on the Find course link on the top toolbar.  Then enter your state and click GO --- scroll through the list looking for the course name.

    If your course is not listed click on the Add course link at the bottom of the list. You will need the scorecard in front of you for the hole by hole yardage and handicaps which are required when entering a new course to the service.

    NOTE: Use care when entering course data because it will be used by other members.

    2017-04-01 17:48:30

  • How do I delete a score that I put for a wrong name?

    Click on the Scores link on the bottom toolbar. This will show all scores for the user you are logged in as. There will be a column on the left hand side with a link that will delete the score. You can only delete a score for the person you are logged in as. If you entered scores for another member in your group they will have to have log in and delete/edit it. If you know their password you can use the logoff button on the bottom toolbar to log back in as someone else.

    2017-04-01 21:43:17

  • Is it possible to print a card with my handicap?

    Yes -- you can print your PEG CHARTS Handicap card from this link: http://pegcharts.com/print_card.php

    2016-12-05 22:43:47

  • How do you calculate a PEG CHARTS Course rating?


    A PEG CHARTS Course Rating is determined by a formula that assigns a percentage of the yardage of each hole.  The percentage number from each hole is added together to total a number between 300 and 899.  

             NOTE:  The position of the total figure on a grid determines what

                         PEG CHARTS Parity Factor will be used to calculate a PEG

                         CHARTS Course Handicap for the round you play that

                        specific day.

    2017-04-01 21:54:22

  • How do I change the group name?

    Only the administrator of the group can edit information for the group.

         *  Click on the groups tab on the bottom toolbar.

         *  Select the group from the list on the left

         *  Click a link that says Edit group name

    NOTE: If you want to be reomved from a group but are not the administrator you can remove yourself by clicking on the Personal info link on the bottom toolbar and using the Remove me link next to the group you want to be removed from.

    2016-12-05 23:08:29

  • How do I change my password?

    Currently there is no way to change your password.

    2016-12-05 23:09:07

  • I would like to delete a group that I created.

    Go to the Personal info link on the bottom toolbar. It will show all the groups you are a member of and you can click the link to Remove yourself from the group. If you are the administrator of the group it will remind you that doing this will remove everyone from the group and you will be given the oppourtunity to delete the group all together.

    NOTE: There is no "undo" for this action.  When you remove a group the only way to have that group again is to start from the beginning and create a new group.

    2016-12-06 17:35:32

  • How do I send my group a email about the next time we are going to play?

    We are working on creating this function.

    2016-12-05 23:13:38

  • How do I add a tee box?

         *  Click on Course search

         *  Click on Enter Score 

         *  Click on the Tee selection link

         *  Click on Add a new set of tees for this course

         *  Fill in the form with yardage, par and handicap for each hole

    2016-12-05 23:19:40

  • 2001-08-06 01:06:38

  • How do I change the information on a round of golf after I have saved it?

    Click on the Scores link on the bottom toolbar and there is an Edit link next to each of your scores. Click that and you can edit your score.

    2017-03-29 21:09:55

  • Can I find out what my handicap will be on a course that I have never played?

    Two ways to find your PEG CHARTS Course Handicap

        1.  Multiply your PEG CHARTS Handicap by the PEG CHARTS Parity Factor

        2.  Print a Match scorecard.

    NOTE:  To find the Match scorecard feature, click the Course link on the bottom toolbar and search for the course you are playing.  The Course listing has a link to the Match scorecard page.

    2017-04-01 22:17:35

  • On the Scores page, what does the strokes column mean, and how are they calculated.

    The strokes column shows the holes where you get strokes on the course you are going to play.  The number of strokes is based on your PEG CHARTS Course Handicap at the time you play that round. 

    The number of strokes you get is calculated by taking your PEG CHARTS Handicap and multiplying it by the PEG CHARTS Parity Factor for the course and tee box you are going to play.

    To find out in advance how many strokes you will get on a particular course you can print a Match scorecard for the course and tees you will be playing. The service will apply this formula to your PEG CHARTS Handicap. The Match scorecard link can be found on the same Course listing screens where the Enter Score link is found.

    2017-04-01 22:19:33

  • How do I join a friends group?.

    You must have the group administrator add you as a member.

    2016-12-06 21:20:59

  • When I go to a new course how do I adjust my handicap for that course.

    To adjust your PEG CHARTS Handicap to a course use the following formula:

                                     PEG CHARTS Handicap                                                                                              X                                                                                        PEG CHARTS Parity Factor                                  

                                ________________________                                                                                                                                                                                    PEG CHARTS Course Handicap

    NOTE: PEG CHARTS Course Handicap is automatically calculated when you use the Match scorecard feature.

    2017-04-01 22:21:57

  • What is the difference between PEG CHARTS Handicap and PEG CHARTS Course Handicap?

    A PEG CHARTS Handicap is a normalized individual number. Every time you post a new score the service calculates a new PEG CHARTS Handicap based on the 6 lowest of the most recent 10 scores posted. 

    This gives you a number that can be compared equally when you play  courses of varying degrees of difficulty. By adjusting each score posted with the PEG CHARTS Parity Factor the change in your PEG CHARTS Handicap will indicate how well you played.

    Your PEG CHARTS Handicap is the basis for calculating a PEG CHARTS Course Handicap when you want to play in a match and adjust strokes amoung players. 

    2017-04-01 22:27:03

  • For the first score I enter in the system should ESC be applied? I am a beginner and shot 63 for the first round I entered in the system

    The PEG CHARTS Handicap formula limits the number of strokes an executive golf course player can record on any one hole to par plus three strokes.  Our service will discount any score higher than par plus three strokes.

    It is considered proper "golf etiquette" to pick up your ball when ever you reach the number of strokes that equals par plus 3.  This is partially in consideration for the players behind you believing that when you exceed par plus 3 strokes on one hole you are holding up play.

    2017-04-02 17:56:28

  • When I try and log in it says "Successful Login" and then returns to the login screen. This seems like an endless loop. What gives?

    This problem typically occurs when you have configured your browser not to accept cookies. The site uses cookies so it can remember who you are as you navigate around the site.

    Contrary to any rumors you may have heard, cookies are not evil, but are a good thing. They serve an important purpose for customized web sites like this one.

    The cookies set by this browser are good for one year which means that you should not have to retype your password each time you log in. If you want to ensure privacy or access the site from a shared computer you should use the logoff button when you are finished with your session.

    Here is how to check to be sure your browser is configured to accept cookies

    If you have Microsoft Internet Explorer
    1. From the menu, select Tools -> Internet Options
    2. Select the Privacy Tab
    3. Select Edit

    If you have Netscape
    1. Click on the browsers Edit button
    2. Select Preferences
    3. Click on Advanced
    4. Choose Accept all Cookies from the Cookies section

    2017-04-02 17:59:21

  • How do I enter into match play competition with a member of my group?

    Contact them and advise them that you want to play a match. In match play you just keep track of the number of holes won by each player. Of course you award strokes after adjusting for your PEG CHARTS Course Handicap. To find out who gets strokes on which holes print a Match score card -- it will show slashes on the holes where a player gets a stroke.

    You can find the Match scorecard feature on the Course search results screen. There will be a link for each course on the display.

    2017-04-02 18:00:28

  • What determines who is the Champion in my Group?

    The criteria for becoming a group Champion is something that should be determined by the group as a whole.

    2017-04-02 18:00:44

  • I won't be golfing again until next April or May. What would you suggest I do with regard to old scores?

    Leave all scores as they are.  Do not delete any scores. The service is designed to keep scores across muiltiple years. Your home page will display statistics broken out by year so you can see how your game is progressing.

    2017-04-02 18:01:08

  • My daughter has just taken up golf. She is fourteen and shot a 50. I would like to create a group and include her.

    She must first become a PEG CHARTS member.

    To add someone to the PEG CHARTS from a PC when you are logged in, requires that you log out.  Then log in to the home page and follow the Create a new account link.

    Once she has her own account you can add her to your group (see the Group help page for details)

    Once you have your group set up, any member of the group can add scores for other memebers without having to log in and out as the subject user.

    2016-12-06 22:06:25

  • I would like to start a new record on January 1st next year. Can I remove the scores that are now posted?

    You can, but we recommend that you keep records for past years. The service is designed to track multiple years of data. It will separte your statistics by year on the front page.

    If you want to delete all your scores you can do so by clicking the scores link on the bottom tool bar and then clicking delete next to each score.

               NOTE: You can only delete scores under the name that you are

                          logged in as.  

    2017-04-02 18:04:59

  • I set up a group. In the box "recent rounds by your friends" my name comes up several times but none of my friends show up.

    The service shows the most recent 5 rounds. Apparently you play more often than your friends. Many people like to see their own scores as well as scores of other members of the group.

    2017-02-26 19:52:36

  • How can I log off the home page and then log in as a different user?

    Click the log off button on the bottom toolbar.

    Click the log in button 

    2017-04-02 18:05:36

  • Can I print the information about my handicap and the courses that I have played?

    Yes.  Print any page on the site using your browsers print button. To print all your scores try the scores button on the bottom toolbar.

    The Anatomy of your handicap link on the home page will show the last 10 scores that are used in your PEG CHARTS Handicap calculation. 

    2017-04-02 18:07:31

  • I have a friend that lives in Germany and spends time in Florida. I would like to invite him try this site and want to know if he can enter courses in Europe.

    Absolutely! There are many courses from all over the world in the service. Your friend could also invite friendsGermany in to become PEG CHARTS members and they could add courses in Germany to our data base.

    2017-04-02 18:09:09

  • How about providing hole-by-hole statistics for a specific executive golf course.

    The course walk shows this one hole at a time. To get to the Course walk, click on the score while viewing the details of a round. 

    2016-12-07 13:27:49

  • 2002-02-26 18:53:43

  • Can I enter rounds that I play by myself and have them not show up in my Group scoring?

    No. All scores you play are visible by your group members. This is to ensure the accuracy of your PEG CHARTS Handicap by providing peer review. If you play a round with someone and they do not enter a score you can almost bet that they are sandbagging.

    2017-04-02 18:10:24

  • I love this service --- is there anything I do to promot it?

    There are several things you can do to help promote PEG CHARTS

    1. Update the course information for courses you play
    2. Write reviews and rate the courses you play to share your impressions of a particular course with the rest of the community.
    3. Invite all your friends to join PEG CHARTS
    4. Mention the service to the staff where you play
    5. Buy a shirt or hat when they are available

    2017-04-02 18:12:21

  • I was invited to join the Guys golf Group but cannot seem to find the group. Can you help?

    You will have to have the administrator of the group add you to the group. Send them an email with your username and  they should be able to add you. Once they add you to the group you can receive emails when group members play --- go to your Personal info link on the bottom toolbar.

    2017-04-02 18:13:41

  • How do I change my email address?

         *  Click on the Personal info link on the bottom toolbar

         *  Edit the email address

         *  Click save.

    You can also adjust other preferences like color scheme, track putts, greens in regulation (GIR) and fairways hit. If you are in a group you can select whether or not you want to recieve emails when other members of your group play.

    2017-04-02 18:14:42

  • How do I logon as a different user?

    Log off using the log off button on the bottom toolbar.  This should clear the cookie that identifies you to the system. If you subsequently click the Home link and still see your profile, you may be viewing a cached version of the page. Try holding shift key while pressing ReLoad or Refresh button on your browser.

    2016-12-08 17:50:17

  • Could you explain the scoring statistics section? I do not understand the decimal places.

    The scoring statistics show the number of birdies, pars, bogies and double bogies you average on a given 9 hole round. If it says 4.2 in the par column that means you get an average of 4.2 pars per round. The sum of all the statistics should be 9.

    2017-04-02 18:15:44

  • Delete does not always remove a score immediately. I get the Java confirmation question, but the score remains.

    Most likely you were using your back button to return to the scores page after deleting a score. This is causing your browser to redisplay the scores page you just left. The score has probably been deleted properly --- log off and log back in to up date the changes you made.

    2017-04-02 18:18:24

  • How do I take myself out of a group?

    Click on the Personal info link on the bottom toolbar. On that page there is a list of all the groups you are a memeber of with a link to Remove next to each group name. That is also where you can sign up to receive emails when members of your group play. Just be sure your email address is correct.

    2017-04-02 18:19:12

  • I have a USGA handicap --- how do I merge it with PEG CHARTS so that I start with an accurate index?

    You can not merge the two --- they are not compatible.

    A PEG CHARTS Handicap is exclusively for a 9 hole executive golf course and a USGA handicap is exclusively for a traditional 18 hole golf course.   

    2017-04-02 18:20:33

  • I am a Canadian. Can I use your service in Canada?

    Absolutely.  Invite your friends to join PEG CHARTS and add as many Canadian executive golf courses as you want.

    2017-04-02 18:21:11

  • 2002-09-11 00:35:52

  • 2002-10-23 00:21:50

  • How do I print a score card?

    * Use the Course search link on the bottom toolbar to find the subject course

    * On the Search results screen click the Score card link.

    * Select the tees and the members of your group who will be playing.

    *Click the Print score card button and it will calculate each players PEG              CHARTS Course Handicap and create a scorecard that shows which holes      strokes should be given.

    2016-12-08 18:30:17

  • I would like to enter scores for friends that I play with on a weekly schedule. Can I do that?


    As long as they are PEG CHARTS members.                                                   (See other FAQ's for how to log off and create an account for your friends        without computers.

    You will need to create a group.                                                                      Add your buddies to the group by searching from the find users link and      check the box next to their name and click on add to group.

    When any member of your group logs in and goes to the enter score screen they will have a dropdown to choose whose score they will enter.

    It is common for one person to take the card home and enter the score for others. We recommend recording your own score so you can record notes about your round and enter additional information like putts, greens in regulation and fairways hit. This will allow you to get more benefit from PEG CHARTS that will help you analyze your game.

    2017-04-02 18:24:01

  • I am a member of two groups, but I do not want one of the groups to have access to my other group scores through me, how can I stop that?.

    You do not have to do anything to stop an outside group from viewing your scores.  Only members of the group will show up on your home page under recent rounds by your friends and in the drop downs for adding scores. 

    Members of Group A can see activity of others who are in Group A, but will not see Group B members activity unless they are a member of group B.

    They are able to click on your profile and see your groups. However that is the nature of the service. Scores are publicly posted so others can ensure you are entering all your scores accurately. 

    2017-04-02 18:29:02

  • I live in Australia --- is there any way I can record my scores?

    Absolutely.  It would be best to enter hole measurements in "yards".  That will keep your PEG CHARTS Handicap consistant with the majority of countries that measure hole distance in yards.

    The more interest we have in countries that measure distance in meters the more likely it becomes that we will adapt our service to calculate a PEG CHARTS Handicap in meters.

    2017-04-02 18:33:50

  • How do I print my last 10 scores?

    Click on the Anatomy of your PEG CHARTS Handicap link on your home page. You can also do this for other people when viewing their profile page.

    2017-04-02 18:34:17

  • I have played 20 rounds and understand that only the lowest 6 of the last 10 rounds are used for my handicap. What happens to the old rounds?

    Old scores begin to drop off in the order that they were posted. The best place to see what scores are included is the Anatomy of your Handicap link on the top left column of your home page.

    You can also view the Anatomy of other members of your group from the link on their profile page. This helps to size up your opponents before you play, and to be sure they posted all their scores!

    2017-04-02 18:36:14

  • I have 41 rounds entered in the service and when comparing my stats with other members of our group, it only show 38, why is that?

    You probably did not enter specific details for 3 of the rounds. Charts that show the statistics include only the rounds that included all the details of the rounds that are used in the statistics.

    2017-04-02 18:39:19

  • What is a "Cut off Handicap"?

    The cut off handicap is the highest handicap differential that is included in the calculation of your PEG CHARTS Handicap. Remember only the best 6 of your last 10 scores are used in the PEG CHARTS Handicap calculation.

    You need to shoot better than the cutoff (and better than your 10th oldest score) to lower your handicap. To learn your cutoff handicap and other information about how a PEG CHARTS Handicap is calculated click on the Anatomy of your handicap link on the top left of the home page.

    2017-04-02 18:42:28

  • I recorded an incorrect score for a friend, how can I correct it?

    Your friend has to log in and correct his own score. This is by design to prevent unauthorized members from changing old scores and altering someones PEG CHARTS Handicap.

    You can edit your own scores by clicking the scores link on the bottom toolbar and clicking the edit link next to the score you want to edit.

    2017-04-02 18:43:16

  • My golf course in Michigan is not listed. How do I post my scores.

           *  Click on the Courses link on the top tool bar

           *  Click on the Courses by state and scroll through the list to be sure

                       your course is not listed


           *  Use the Add Course link on the bottom of the page to add a course



    2017-04-02 18:48:05

  • What is the maximum number strokes the system will accept on a par 3 and a par 4?

    The USGA calls this number Equitable Stroke Control (ESC).  PEG CHARTS is using the same wording for this formula.

    The answer depends on your PEG CHARTS Handicap.

                     PEG CHARTS                     Highest score                                                     Handicap                           for one hole                                                                                                                                                                      0 - 4                                 par + 1                                                            5 - 8                                 par + 2                                                            9 - more                           par + 3                                                                                
    Click here for more information about how ESC is calculated.

    Post your actual score --- the service will adjust for ESC when calculating your PEG CHARTS Handicap.

    2017-04-02 18:51:57

  • When members of my group go to their profile it tells them that they are not in any groups .

    You must add them to the group. For instructions on how to do this click here.

    2017-04-02 18:52:18

  • One of the members in my group has changed his email address. How does he get this information to PEG CHARTS so he receives updates?

    He should log in and edit his email address from the Personal info link on the bottom toolbar. If he doesn't know his password have him send an email to admin@pegcharts.com

    2017-04-02 18:52:47

  • 2004-03-10 12:48:07

  • I accidentally entered myself twice with two different login names. Is there a way of deleting one?

    Delete all the scores from the account you want to delete and then send an email to golfadmin@fairwayfiles.com and we will delete the incorrect account.

    2011-09-20 23:31:34

  • I have just began using this service. I see that I can print a score card for match play. Is there a way to create a score card for a visiting guest such as member guest tournament. The only information I will have is their Handicap Index from their club and will calculate their strokes for our group.

    No.  Unless your guest has a PEG CHARTS Handicap there is no way this service can create a handicap index for his play on your executive golf course.

    2017-04-02 18:57:00

  • Why is the search not working? I am trying to find the user that referred me to this site and I can't find him.

    The person who invited you must have used a different spelling of their name. Maybe he got his first and last names reversed. Try some creative ways to try to find your friend:

    • Search by city and state if you know where they live
    • Call them and ask what username they use
    • type in only part of their last name using wild cards (%) around it to match string anywhere in the name
    • Search by email address

    2017-04-01 21:34:26

  • Why is the search for courses not working? I can't find the course by zip code or by name but I know the course is already in there because I have entered scores for it already

    If you have played the course you can find it simply by clicking on the Previously played courses link on the left side of the home page. Try searching with a partial course name -- this may help find it if it was misspelled when someone entered the course. If the zip code was not included when the course was entered in the service you won't be able to find it when searching by zip code -- when you do find it please add the zip code to help out everyone else.

    2017-04-01 21:38:54

  • Why is Town of Colonie course not listed in the state search when it is in your system as Colonie, NY?

    It is in the state search. The search results only show 100 records per page. You must page through the results till you find the course you are looking for.

    2017-04-01 21:31:20

  • If my index is figured on the lowest 6 of 10 why does my screen show 25 scores? Also, why when I enter my 21st score which is higher than the 10 already listed does my index increase?

    All of your scores are kept in the system for historical purposes. However, only the best 6 of the most recent 10 differentials (not raw scores) are used in the PEG CHARTS Handicap calculation. To see which rounds are included click on the Anatomy of your handicap link in the quick links section (left side) of your home page.

    Or Click Here for the Anatomy of your Handicap

    Also you could follow the link on that page for Explanation of the handicap calculation.

    2017-04-02 18:59:35

  • Can this program annotate the ten scores used to compile your index

    Yes -- It does so in great detail on the Anatomy of your handicap link on the left side of your home page.

    2017-04-02 19:00:14

  • I just entered a score that was the lowest 8th of my entries and my index went up. How is that possible? This is the second occurence.

    While the score you posted may have been the lowest of your 8 scores posted, it may have been from a course with a lower PEG  CHARTS Course rating. Or, it could be that as you get more scores posted -- more are included in your handicap calculation. Which means maybe a higher score was included. Until you get 10 scores posted your PEG CHARTS Handicap is in flux.

    For details on how the calculation works click on the Anatomy of your handicap link on the left of the home page.

    2017-04-02 19:06:44

  • Can I change my password???

    2004-06-06 12:49:49

  • I cannot print my handicap card. I have adobe installed and it still prints a blank page.

    2004-07-06 11:49:56

  • The administrator for our group has moved to another state. Is there a way to change administrators for the existing group or must a "new" group be setup by a new administrator? If the latter, can previous stats and rounds posted be captured in the new group?

    Send the name of the administrator and the group to admin@pegcharts.com and we can update it for you.

    If you create a new group with the same people you will retain all the history of the original group.

    2017-04-02 19:13:20

  • I have tried to enter my score for Oct 22/2004. The system will not completely download. The system freezed after I enter my score & submit it. It quits about halfway through.

    2004-10-23 12:42:53

  • I am the administrator, how do I delete someone from my group?

        *  Click on the Groups link on the bottom toolbar

        *  Select the group from the list on the left column    

                x.  this will show the members of the group in the right pane

                x.  see the check box in the last column on the right    

        *  Check the box for the people you want to delete from the group

        *  Click the Delete button at the top of that column.

    2017-04-02 19:14:56

  • Can I set up a group for 4 people -- 3 of them do not have emails?

    Yes.  Each person will have to become a PEG CHARTS member.

    As the computer literate one of your bunch, you can create accounts for your friends (using your email address for those that don't have email addresses).

       *  Log in to PEG CHARTS

       *  Click Create new account link to make a new account                                      keep a record of the usernames and passwords assigned  

       *  Log back in as yourself and create the group following the instructions on            the Help with groups link ink on the bottom left of the groups page.

    2016-12-11 18:14:26

  • I deleted a score but it is still counted on my handicap --- can this be fixed?

    Deleted scores are not included in your handicap -- unless you delete ALL your scores.  In that case your handicap is not adjusted until you enter at least one valid score.

    2017-04-02 19:16:01

  • I'm a new member and I'm trying to enter my last 25 scores. After I record a score the site asks me to pick a tee but there are no tees listed. Is it because the tees for this course have not been put in your data base??

    Yes -- If no tees are listed it means that someone entered the course but did not complete the entry of the tees. You should be able to add the details of a new tee from that page.

    2017-04-02 19:16:36

  • Not being in need of your service any longer, how can I delete my name and record from your site?

    Simply let your PEG CHARTS membership expire and your record will drop off the site.

    2017-04-02 19:17:26

  • How do I change a date played after the wrong date has been entered. The course was played on 3/16 and I forgot to enter the date.

      *  Click on the Scores link on the bottom toolbar

      *  Next to each score is an edit link                                                                     this will allow you to change the date, scores or comments.

    Note: You can only edit your own scores. This is by design, because you do not want unauthorized people editing a score after it has been recorded. You can add scores for other people in your group but you cannot edit their scores. Enter with care when you are recording scores for other people.

    2017-04-02 19:18:03

  • I am trying to set up my husbands handicap. When I search I find his name but when I click on enter scores, it brings me back up.

    You need to create a group and add your husband to the group (search for him in the search like you did). When you go to add scores you'll have a drop down to pick members of your group. You'll also see group members scores on your front page, and optionally get emails when they add scores (you don't get an email if you add the score -- because presumably you know what they shot)  

                 See the Help with groups page for more information

    2016-12-11 18:33:47

  • Does driving the green on a Par 4 count as a Fairway hit?

    Certainly! Congratulations big hitter ... just hope you made the putt.

    2017-04-02 19:18:36

  • We have multiple groups amongst our golfers. How can a group be deleted?

    The group administrator can delete a group

       *  Go to the Groups page

       *  Click the Group name in the group summary window        

               x.  this will display the group members      

               x.  check the box next to each members name  

               x.  click the delete button at the top of the column

       *  Delete all members of the group except yourself      

                x.  click the Personal info link on the bottom toolbar

                x.  click the Remove Me link next to the group name  

            NOTE:  If you are the administrator it will remove the entire group.

    2017-04-02 19:20:27

  • I played 6 holes, then got rained out. Can I record a partial round?

    Just estimate your expected score on the unfinished holes. Then record the round.

    2017-04-02 19:20:38

  • Why is the system not using the lowest scores posted for computing handicaps? I reviewed the anatomy of scores for some in my group and found this to be a problem.

    It uses the lowest 6 differentials -- each score adjusted for the difficulty of the course as based on the PEG CHARTS Course Rating. A low score on an easy course may not be as good a a slightly higher score on a more difficult course.

    2017-04-02 19:21:58

  • How do I cancel getting an email notification everytime someone in my group plays.

       *  Click on the Personal Info link on the bottom toolbar                            

       *  Uncheck the box for Notification emails for the groups you do NOT want          to be notified

       *  Click the Update button

             NOTE: You may have to scroll down on the Personal info page to see                       the groups you are in -- they are at the bottm.

    2016-12-11 18:56:37

  • I set up our group and that makes me the administrator to add new users. Can our group have a back-up administrator who can also add users to the group?

    NO.  At this time only one person can be the administrator. If you want to transfer the role to another user send an email to admin@pagcharts.com and we can make the change for you.

    2017-04-02 19:22:42

  • If I make 4 on a par 4, and I get a stroke on the hole is that considered a birdie?

    YES.  This is a net birdie.  It is not considered a birdie in your statistics. Statistics are based on gross results. This makes statistics more accurate to track improvement. If year to year you see your percentage of birdies increasing it shows that you are getting better -- but if the birdie statistic was adjusted for handicap it would rarely change. 

    2017-04-02 19:24:02

  • I can not find a course and I can not find course link --- what is toolbar?

    The toolbar is the list of buttons on the bottom of your screen.

       *  Click on the word Courses -- it is a hot link to the

                  course search screen

       *  From there you can search by name or location to find

                  the course you played.

    2017-04-02 19:25:28

  • I entered a new course to the service and the computer said it was aldready in the system --- it was the same name but in a diffferent town.

    If this is a totally different course -- try making the name "slightly" different than the same named course in the same state. For example -- add the city after the name in parens -- i.e. The Oaks (Arlington)

    The purpose of the restriction is that many people add "duplicate" courses which junks up the database and this forces them to at least think about it before they add a duplicate.

    2017-04-02 19:26:11

  • It would really be helpful if there was an "email your group" feature so we could email people in the group either as a group or individually. We had to have their email in the first place to add them to the group or invite them to join, so it wouldn't be a privacy thing. I just don't like having to dig through my desk everytime I want to email my group, it would be a lot easier if it was intergrated as a feature of the website. Can you do that?

    This feature is in the works. But your friends will have to select an option in their profile to "Allow group members to email me".

    2017-04-02 19:26:35

  • How do you enter a score for a friend?

    One way is to log in to your friends account.

    Another way is to create a group and then you can enter scores for anyone in your group by using the drop down on the Enter Score screens. (You won't see this drop down if you are not in any groups )

       NOTE:  To learn more about groups click on the Groups button on the                       bottom toolbar and click the Help with Groups link

    2017-04-02 19:27:30

  • 2006-07-07 01:03:52

  • 2006-07-07 01:03:58

  • I am the Administrator of the group. How do I delete a score card?

       *  Log in as the user whose score you want to delete

       *  Click on the Scores button on the bottom toolbar

       *  Use the Delete button next to the score you wish to delete.

    The administrator may add scores for others in your group, but editing and deleting can only be done as the individual member.

        NOTE:  This is by design.  If someone adds a bogus score to your account

                    you can always delete it, but if a score is deleted from you record

                    you might not be able to replace it.

    2017-04-02 22:06:32

  • How do I delete an entire score that was entered in error (wrong PEG CHARTS Course Rating).

       *  Click on the Scores link on the bottom toolbar

       *  Click on the delete link next to the score

    2017-04-02 22:07:15

  • 2006-10-12 08:07:54

  • How do I add in my putts, fairways hit and GIR?

       * Configured your profile to record fairways, putts and GIR

       * Click on the Personal info link on the bottom toolbar

                  x. check the appropriate boxes and click save.                                        

        NOTE:  Going forward when you post a score the scorecard will include

                    boxes for fairways hit, putts and GIR 

    2017-04-02 22:10:21

  • I entered a score for a course using the back tees. After entering the score my handicap dropped by 2 full strokes! When I checked the PEG CHARTS Course Rating I see that the yardage is incorrect. What can I do to rectify this?

    NOTE:  Always check the PEG CHARTS Course Rating before entering your score.

    To correct this mistake you will have to delete the score and then post it again under the correct tees.

    To delete a score:

       *  Click on the Scores link on the bottom toolbar

       *  Find the score you want to delete

       *  Click on the Delete button

    NOTE:  You can only delete a score for the member whose name you are logged in under.  This is by design because we want to prevent unauthorized deleting of a scores.  Be sure to print a copy of your score before you delete it because once you delete it it is gone -- there is no undelete.

    2017-04-02 22:14:00

  • Is there anyway to see average putts, average greens in regulation and average fairways hit per round?

    Yes.  Click on My Statistics

    2016-12-13 04:43:55

  • I just bought a new computer. How do I transfer my information to the new computer.

    You do not have to transfer the information.  Just log in to your PEG CHARTS account and the information will be there.

    2017-04-02 22:14:33

  • My dad and I share an email address. My dad wants to get his handicap set up and and I can't figure out how to do it?

       *  Log in to PEG CHARTS

       *  clicking the create an account on the login screen.

    NOTE:  You can both use the same email address -- that's ok. Just create unique user names.  If you form a group you will not have to log out and back in when you want to enter scores. Any member of a group can add scores for other members using the drop down on the Add score screen (which only shows up if you are in a group). This makes it easy for the person with the scorecard to enter everyones score.

    2017-04-05 13:13:42

  • How can I change someone's new email address?

    An email address can be changed from the Personal info link on the bottom toolbar.

    NOTE:  This only works for the user you are logged in as. If you want to change someone else's email address, you will have to log off (using the button on the bottom toolbar) and log back in as the other person.

    The Personal info link is also where you can turn on/off the notification emails when group members play.  You can also set your preferences as to how much detail you want to record about each round (putts, fairways hit and GIR)

    2017-04-05 13:14:30

  • How do I stop getting emails of scores that I entered daily?

       *  Click on the personal info link on the bottom toolbar

       *  Uncheck the Notification check box next to any group you don't want

              to receive emails from when members play.

       *  Click the save button.

    2017-04-05 13:15:30

  • 2007-06-27 14:45:45

  • I am the administrator for my group and entered an incorrect score for a group member. How can I delete this score?

    You can add scores for other members of your groups but you can not delete scores for other members.  You can only delete YOUR OWN scores. This is by design, because we do not want people to lose their precious information if another group member decides to delete their score. You'll have to have the group member delete the incorrect score.

    NOTE:  If you know the username and password of the other member you

                  can log in as that member. Then click on the Scores link and

                  you can delete their score.

    2017-04-05 13:18:58

  • 2007-07-22 05:38:43

  • I would like to keep my record for penalty strokes and "up and down" saves.

    This is on the drawing board and will be a PEG CHARTS feature in the future.

    2016-12-13 04:55:09

  • How do I print my handicap card?

       *  Click on the Print Card link on your home page.  

    2016-12-13 04:56:04

  • I have 2 years of scores in my site. I would like to delete EVERYTHING except the current year. How can I do this without doing EACH one separately?

       *  Click on the Scores link  

               NOTE:   you must delete scores one at a time


               NOTE:  Prior year data is a useful feature of the srvice - you can see

                                 how you are progressing over the years. 

    2017-04-05 21:23:39

  • Why are only 19 rounds used to calculate average fairways hit, GIR and average putts?

    You probably didn't enter details for one of your rounds. In the case of GIR or fairways hit, the system thinks you didn't track GIR if you don't hit any greens so it does not include them.

    2017-04-05 21:24:30

  • In my personal info and the group screen I have the box unchecked to receive email notification when someone enters a score, but all of us in the group still get emails when we enter a score.

    There must be other usernames in the system with your email address. Try logging out and clicking the Forgot password link -- put in your email address and you will get an email with the usernames and passwords that have that email address and may be configured to get notifications.

    2017-04-05 21:25:55

  • How do I add a reveiw of a course?

       *  Click on the Find a Course button 

       *  Scroll down the page until you find Reviews 

       *  Click on Write your own review

    2017-04-05 21:26:26

  • Is there a way to "customize" handicap cards so that when they're printed they contain the GROUP NAME?

    Not at this time but we will try to incorporate that feature into the service.

    2017-04-05 21:26:45

  • I entered a score for August 28th twice. How do I delete one of the scores?

       *  Click on the Scores tab on the bottom toolbar

       *  Click on the Delete link next to the score you want to delete.

    2017-04-05 21:26:58

  • I have tried to add Black Bear course in Backus, MN but the system won't accept it, I think because there are two other courses named Black Bear elsewhere in the state. I've tried several times.

    This message is to try and prevent duplicates -- If you are absolutely sure that this is not the same as the other Black Bear courses listed in the service, add something to make the course name unique within the state. Maybe call it Black Bear (Backus).

    2017-04-05 21:27:47

  • In the average fairways hit, average GIR and average putts box, what do the numbers in brackets (33),(28), mean?

    Those are the number of rounds included in the calculations -- only rounds where you enter detailed information are included ( i.e. if you just entered your score one round because you didn't have the card that round would not be included in your statisics calculations).

    2017-04-05 21:28:44

  • How can I get my password if I forgot it?

       *  Click on the Forgot password link on the login screen

       *  Enter your email address and we will send you your password

    NOTE:  This is why it is critical to put a valid email address in the system.                   (TIP: you can edit your email address from the Personal info link on               the bottom toolbar )

    2016-12-13 05:18:48

  • How do I see my overall stats?

    These statistics are on you initial page shown year by year. 

    2017-04-05 21:28:59

  • How do I calculate putts per hole? Do I countjust the sroles made on the green?

    It's up to you -- PGA Tour statistics count only those strokes made on the green.

    2017-04-05 21:29:19

  • Can I be removed from my group and still remain a member?

    You can remove yourself from a group at any time.

        *  Click the Personal info link on the bottom toolbar      

        *  Click the Remove me link next to each group you want to be removed           from.  If you remove yourself from the group listing it would be at the           discresion of the group administrator as to your status in the group.   

    NOTE:  You can turn off being notified when others play and still be a

                      member of the group.

                *  Click on the Personal info link

                *  Click uncheck the email notification link next to the group you

                       don't want to get emails from

                *  Click save

    2017-04-05 21:31:26

  • I have entered 5 rounds to start my handicap calculation, yet the service says "Rounds included in Handicap (1). Why is only one round being used to calculate?

    Until you get 10 scores a limited number of rounds are included -- once you get 10 scores the best 6 will be used.

    2017-04-05 21:32:01

  • My index is too low, trust me, I'm not that good.

    Your PEG CHARTS Handicap only uses at most the 6 best of your last 10 scores. So it will be much lower than your usual score -- it is a measure of your potential.  There is also a maximum number of strokes that can be counted for a single hole --- maybe you exceed that maximum number a few times during your round and your score is adjusted for your PEG CHARTS Handicap calculation

    Also -- if you have less than 10 scores in the system it uses fewer than the best 6 so one good score can skew your index.

    See the Explanation of how the handicap is calculated for more details.

    2017-04-05 21:35:52

  • I inadvertinly erased my account and history from my computer, I don't know how. How can I get it back?

    There is no back up of your account.   Sorry

    2017-04-05 21:37:08

  • Would you be able to have the RCGA handicap system on your website as well? I think a lot of Canadians would love to use this site.

    The PEG CHARTS Handicap site is exclusively for executive golf courses.

    Your country's handicap service is for traditional 18 hole golf courses.

    2017-04-05 21:38:11

  • How do I add an additional user being my wife?

    Your wife must become a PEG CHARTS member to use the service.

        *  Click on Create new user link on the login screen

                NOTE:  You'll want to create a group so you can add scores for each

                            other without logging in and out.

    2017-04-05 21:39:04

Benefits of being a PEG CHARTS member

Track progress

By tracking your scores with PEG CHARTS, you will be able to monitor changes in your game as often as you want. Charts and graphs will give a clear picture to make comparisons of past records. Your PEG CHARTS Handicap will give an objective evaluation of changes in your scoring ability. All data is kept indefinitely so you can see changes year over year over year.


By tracking specific data such as putts, greens in regulation and fairways hit you can identify what parts of your game need the most attention when you practice. Spend extra time in practice on areas of your game that need improvement and watch 9 hole scores start to come down.


Create a group of fellow players and follow how often they play and how well they are playing. You can set your personal preferences to be notified when group members post a score. The notification emails contain links to their color coded scorecard. This increases camaraderie and encourages members to post all their scores so as to maintain an accurate PEG CHARTS Handicap.


PEG CHARTS has developed a proprietary formula to rate an executive golf course. The formula is specific to executive golf courses and can be applied to any executive golf course anywhere in the world. After a PEG CHARTS Course Rating is established it is possible for a player to create a personal PEG CHARTS Handicap by simply providing some explicit information about each round he plays. A PEG CHARTS Handicap will establish how many strokes a player may deduct from his score in order to make it likely that he will match par for the round. A secondary benefit of having a PEG CHARTS Handicap is that it allows executive golf course players of disproportionate golfing ability to play together and each have an equal possibility to win the match. Up until now executive golf course players who wanted to have a match with a fair and even chance to win the top prize had to resort to random methods of odds making on the first tee box to level the playing field. At best this was only an arbitrary negotiation to determine who got strokes on which holes. A member’s PEG CHARTS Handicap is updated after each executive golf course 9 hole round he posts in the data base. As a player’s proficiency changes his PEG CHARTS Handicap will change accordingly to always keep a current, accurate and unbiased scoring profile.