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Explanation of PEG CHARTS Handicap

Can it provide an official USGA Handicap Index® ?

NO. The USGA stipulates that only officially licensed golf clubs can use the USGA Handicap System©. To use a "Handicap Index ™" the USGA also stipulates that only a regional golf association can issue a golf course rating. The formula used by the USGA is exclusively for USGA licensed golf courses.

PEG CHARTS has developed a proprietary formula to rate an executive golf coruse. The formula is embedded in our software and is automatically applied to every executive golf course scorecard in the PEG CHARTS database. If you arrive to play a course that is not yet in our database you can enter the scorecard before you play. After an executive golf course has received a PEG CHARTS rating any nine hole score on that course from then on can be used to create a members PEG CHARTS Handicap. We encourage PEG CHARTS members to enter a new executive golf course scorecard into the database so that any member who plays that course in the future will be able to post a score for the round to be used in his PEG CHARTS Handicap calculation. A PEG CHARTS Handicap will allow a member to compete equitably and fairly with fellow executive golf course players on any executive golf course in the world. Your PEG CHARTS Handicap is provided for social / recreational purposes only. While not acceptable in USGA events it will allow you to even the playing field with your fellow players.

How is my PEG CHARTS Handicap calculated?

Your PEG CHARTS Handicap is designed to measure your potential, not your average score. Each round is assigned an Intraday PEG CHARTS Handicap for the Round which takes into account the difficulty of the course as measured by the PEG CHARTS Course Parity Factor. The Intraday PEG CHARTS Handicap for a given round is calculated using the following formula:

Intraday PEG CHARTS Handicap for the round = (Gross Score - PAR - Equitable Stroke Control Adjustment) / PEG CHARTS Parity Factor for the course

The Intraday PEG CHARTS Handicap is a generic number that can be used to compare rounds played on differnt courses. This is the number that is graphed in the bars on the score graph on the user profile screen. Your PEG CHARTS Handicap is calculated by taking the average of the lowest 6 Intraday PEG CHARTS Handicaps of your most recent 10 scores posted.

What scores are used to calculate a PEG CHARTS Handicap?
Show how my PEG CHARTS Handicap is calculated

NOTE: The following table illustrates which of the most resent 10 rounds posted will be used as a basis to calculate a PEG CHARTS Handicap.

Number of Scores Posted Cutt off
1 Lowest 1
2-3 Lowest 2
4-5 Lowest 3
6-7 Lowest 4
8-9 Lowest 5
10 - < Lowest 6

Equitable Stroke Control

The USGA defines ESC as the downward adjustment of an individual hole score for handicap purposes in order to make handicaps more representative of a player's potential scoring ability. ESC sets a maximum number that a player can post on any hole depending on the player's Course Handicap. ESC is used only when a player's actual or most likely score exceeds his maximum number. There is no limit to the number of holes on which a player may adjust his score.

The PEG CHARTS Course Handicap formula limits the number of strokes an executive golf course player can record on any one hole to par plus 3. Therefore, the maximum PEG CHARTS Course Handicap is 27. The service will discount any single hole score higher than par plus 3.

PEG CHARTS Course Handicap Maximum Score On Any One Hole
3.9 and less Par + 1
4.0 to 7.9 Par + 2
8.0 and more Par + 3

It is regarded as proper "golf etiquette" to pick up your ball when your number of strokes on any hole equal par plus 3. In part, this to show respect for players behind you believing that when you exceed par plus 3 on any one hole you are holding up play.

NOTE: ESC adjustments are automatically calculated when you enter hole by hole scores for your round. When you use Quick add you must make ESC adjustments manually.

Benefits of being a PEG CHARTS member

Track progress

By tracking your scores with PEG CHARTS, you will be able to monitor changes in your game as often as you want. Charts and graphs will give a clear picture to make comparisons of past records. Your PEG CHARTS Handicap will give an objective evaluation of changes in your scoring ability. All data is kept indefinitely so you can see changes year over year over year.


By tracking specific data such as putts, greens in regulation and fairways hit you can identify what parts of your game need the most attention when you practice. Spend extra time in practice on areas of your game that need improvement and watch 9 hole scores start to come down.


Create a group of fellow players and follow how often they play and how well they are playing. You can set your personal preferences to be notified when group members post a score. The notification emails contain links to their color coded scorecard. This increases camaraderie and encourages members to post all their scores so as to maintain an accurate PEG CHARTS Handicap.


PEG CHARTS has developed a proprietary formula to rate an executive golf course. The formula is specific to executive golf courses and can be applied to any executive golf course anywhere in the world. After a PEG CHARTS Course Rating is established it is possible for a player to create a personal PEG CHARTS Handicap by simply providing some explicit information about each round he plays. A PEG CHARTS Handicap will establish how many strokes a player may deduct from his score in order to make it likely that he will match par for the round. A secondary benefit of having a PEG CHARTS Handicap is that it allows executive golf course players of disproportionate golfing ability to play together and each have an equal possibility to win the match. Up until now executive golf course players who wanted to have a match with a fair and even chance to win the top prize had to resort to random methods of odds making on the first tee box to level the playing field. At best this was only an arbitrary negotiation to determine who got strokes on which holes. A member’s PEG CHARTS Handicap is updated after each executive golf course 9 hole round he posts in the data base. As a player’s proficiency changes his PEG CHARTS Handicap will change accordingly to always keep a current, accurate and unbiased scoring profile.